The 17 Biggest Dating Site Mistakes You Don't Know About

The 17 Biggest Dating Site Mistakes You Don’t Know About

If you are a single person looking for love in the digital age, there are some mistakes you might be making that could be holding you back. 

Whether it is your profile photo, what to write in your bio or how to respond to messages, here are 17 of the most common dating site mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

You’re single and ready to mingle, but the dating world is a scary place.

All those bad profiles, creepy messages, and weirdos can be overwhelming sometimes. Make your life easier by avoiding these 17 big mistakes you might not know about!

1. Not taking the time to fill out your profile.

Oftentimes, people are lazy when it comes to filling out their dating sites profiles. They ignore the form’s questions without a second thought and assume that with just one photo they’ll be able to find someone special. This is wrong for so many reasons! For starters, you can’t really show who you are in your profile picture alone – what if I’m balding? What about my favorite color or food?

Starting off on a new site requires more than just uploading an old selfie of yourself from high school because not only will this fail miserably at showing others how awesome you actually look today but also presents them with false information which might cause disappointment later down the line; like finding out that your idea of “sexy” consists

2. Trying too hard to get a date.

Here is one of the common mistakes to avoid when dating online.

Don’t Try Too Hard To Get A Date: I’ve heard many stories of people who have sent messages back and forth for weeks, only to find out that the other person was just trying too hard! It’s easy enough to ask someone on a date in real life or chat them up without giving away your intentions right off the bat with an instant message.

Play it cool – don’t make this all about you and what YOU want from THEM; leave room for spontaneity by inviting others instead of expecting something in return.

3. Having too many photos in your profile

Let’s be honest here, this is a total turnoff for any potential suitors. Sure you might have the most adorable face in town but that can only get you so far; it takes more than just one photo to catch someone’s eye and make them want to invest time into getting know who your really are!

Many people think they need multiple photos of themselves online- don’t fall victim to these dating site mistakes by overdoing it with too many pics on your profile page!

In reality, all that will do is frustrate anyone looking at what could potentially become their perfect match because no matter how much hard work has been put towards making yourself look cute or handsome as possible (though trust me when I say there was definitely

4. Appearing too desperate or needy by asking for a date on every message you send

The most common dating site mistake is being too needy. People get frustrated when they can’t go on a date without feeling like you are always asking for one–think about why that might be!

If someone keeps messaging back wanting to see if the other person wants to ask them out, it may mean this individual sees themselves as less desirable and feels insecure or uncomfortable with their past relationships.

Instead of jumping at every opportunity (especially those who seem unlikely), find people who share your interests first-those conversations will eventually lead up to an offer for something more serious down the line!

5. Sending messages that are far too long and detailed, without any mention of who you are or what you are looking for in a partner.

When you’re swiping through profiles, it can be tempting to send a long message full of details about yourself that are irrelevant.

But when the other person responds and asks for more information, they’ll likely get bored with your lengthy response because there is nothing relevant in their profile or messages yet.

Keep things short and simple until after both parties have said hello!

Make sure not to overload an introductory text by going into too much detail all at once – this will just make people want to give up before reading any further if either party fails on catching someone’s interest early on.

6. Focusing only on superficial details like looks and age instead of personality traits and interests.

One of the most common mistakes people make when using dating sites is focusing on superficial details at the expense of everything else.

They want to know what their date looks like, how old they are and who’s in their social network before deciding whether or not it would be a good match for them.

To find out more about your potential partner, you have to dig below surface level information because that will tell you if this person really has personality traits and interests which could potentially lead to strong relationship material once all other factors align properly.

Dating site mistake number six: Focusing only on superficial details instead of looking deeper within themselves.

7. Worrying about how many messages you have sent when it’s more important that they’re well-written.

“Don’t let a match slip away because you’re too scared to send them the first message. And if they do slide into your DMs, just make sure that it’s worth their time.”

“It can be easy for potential matches on dating apps to get lost in an endless stream of messages from other people,” says our resident expert. “That means there are two ways for someone who catches your eye: either sliding right onto one of those coveted ‘DMs,’ or giving up and removing themselves as a possible suitor altogether. The thing is, only about 10% of all conversations actually lead anywhere – so don’t let yourself miss out!”

8. Lying about how much you make on your job or education.

One of the most important aspects in any long-term relationship is trust.

Dating site mistake number 8: Lying about how much you make on your job or education can lead to skepticism and mistrust, which may be enough for a potential partner to break things off before they even begin.

One thing that all future couples should understand from day one is each other’s strengths and weaknesses– so when it comes down to lying during this first date conversation, think twice!

9. Putting up unflattering pictures of yourself.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression so you should never put up pictures that don’t show your best side. On the other hand, this is also not an excuse for looking like someone who doesn’t take care of themselves.”

“We all know how difficult it can be when we feel insecure about ourselves and want nothing more than to hide away from view but sometimes just having some photos on our dating profiles might help people see beyond those insecurities.

I think there are two ways this could go: either they’ll find out quickly enough or if they’re too obtuse then maybe seeing what’s behind the curtain will encourage them to enjoy said photo minus any judgemental comments.”

10. Thinking that people will know who you are from just one photo.

Dating site mistake number 10 – Not choosing the right photo. You might think you’re a little bit of this and that, but what really matters is how people perceive you when they don’t know who you are from just one snap or pic.

For some people, especially when they are not in a group shot or if the photo is just of their face and shoulders (and it’s dark), you might be wondering who this person could possibly think he/she is with one picture.

The first impression that someone gets from looking at your profile pic can make all the difference between getting to know more about them or never hearing back again.

11. Trying to sell yourself as someone you are not (i.e., pretending to be more outgoing than you really are)

It’s the small talk that scares us. You know, when we have to say something witty and interesting about ourselves in a matter of minutes? It can be terrifying! Cue our desire to overcompensate with an excessive amount of detail on our profiles or even worse – lie outright. But what if there was another way …

12. Choosing a username that is too long, difficult to spell, or hard to pronounce.

Sometimes people make the mistake of giving an online dating profile a long, difficult to spell and pronounce username. This is never recommended because it can be very frustrating for someone trying to find you on these sites!

No one wants to be called “dave_fitzgerald” in their bio. Short and simple is good, but don’t feel like you need an alias when your name will do just fine!

13. Not using your whole profile – including your personality and interests

Do you describe yourself in your profile using just one small sentence? If so, it’s time to change that. A personal description is a great way of connecting with potential matches because the more information they have about who you are and what makes up make life, the better chance they’ll feel like there’s some compatibility between them and you!

Dating site mistake number 13- Not using your whole profile including personality traits or interests One major reason people use online dating sites is for meeting new people outside their social circles; however, if someone doesn’t put any effort into writing an interesting message on their profile page then how will anyone know anything about them?! The goal should be to get others interested enough in talking/meeting by providing insights

14. Leaving out any information about yourself (especially if you are looking for something specific)

I can’t believe how many people have left out their age, height, weight and marital status. It’s important to include these details so other users know what you are looking for!

You would think that a dating site like this one is the perfect place to find exactly who you’re looking for- but it seems as though not everyone agrees on what those qualities might be. I’ve seen profiles without vital information such as name or location which makes me question whether they really want someone specific at all?

15. Putting up a picture of someone else instead of yourself

You might think you’re being clever by posting a picture of someone else’s profile instead of your own, but it doesn’t take long for people to realize the truth.
“I was on this dating site and I found somebody who seemed interesting,” said one user quoted in an article from The Telegraph about online daters’ biggest mistakes. “But when they emailed me back saying ‘Hey what are you doing?’, my email address wasn’t even their name.”
This is just another example of how important honesty can be over deception or manipulation while using these sites!

16. Being too picky with the people you want to meet.

There are so many choices on dating sites that we sometimes feel like all the good ones have already been taken. So when someone does come up in our search, they may not be perfect for us which can lead to disappointment and frustration. It’s important to remember though that there is no one out there waiting with a sign bearing your name just because you’re too picky!

When it comes down to choosing potential matches from online profiles, some people find themselves feeling disappointed by their lack of options before giving up altogether or settling for less than ideal partners.

17. Wasting time on sites that do not have what you are looking for.

Dating site mistake number 17 Wasting time on sites that do not have what you are looking for.
What does this mean? I did it when I was dating and found myself wasting my precious hours scrolling through profiles of potential mates, feeling like a pervert just wanting to get laid! And yet the more profiles I scrolled past without giving them a glance or reading their meager bios with little information about themselves in hopes they would contact me first—I realized there were so many other people out there who could be perfect matches for me if only we matched up sooner! So take heed singles: don’t waste your valuable datable minutes browsing mediocre profile after average person’s profile…unless those moments ultimately lead to finding love at last (or even better


With so many weirdos, creeps, and bad profiles out there in the dating world, it can be hard to find the good ones.

But don’t let fear get you down! There are plenty of great people who want a relationship with someone just like you.

And while we know that this article is about avoiding mistakes on your end (not theirs!), sometimes they may not even see them coming because they’re too busy making all their own mistakes as well.

Be sure to take these 17 big mistakes into account when crafting your profile or talking to potential mates online – but also remember that some of our favorite success stories have come from overcoming difficult obstacles at first glance.

You never know what could happen if you keep trying!

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